Vigoreux a Tre Colori

Vigoreux a Tre Colori

We bring to the attention of a new machine, novelty in the field of printing on tops, called VIGOREUX THREE COLORS.
This machine allows you to performe different types of printing so as to satisfy any requirements in the field of fantasy, you can get yarn with shades of colors, depending on the needs of your customers.

Machinery is built entirely in stainless steel composed of:

  • group feeding with rack to load multiple tapes
  • pre-stretch group in which enters the tapes separately from the rack
  • a rotating head with control needle and relative group of board

We enter the first printing with three tapes well separated guided laterally by adjustable capacitors.

Printing group are formed by:

  • a lower cylinder garnished rubber and coated with a special cloth
  • a upper cylinder called “printing cylinder” on which they were created helical spirals spaced according to a default program.

A low flow pump distributes in the lower cylinder the dye necessary for the printing operation.
These three tapes (wool or acrylic) are pressed between the cylinder covered with cloth and the upper cylinder, imparting a print.
In this way, passing to the second, then the third printing unit, you get on each tape, colored stripes in function of the predetermined program.
A pneumatic panel placed above the machine simplifies the control functions of all groups.
To fix the colors on tops has been designed a steaming three-stage, in order to fix colors to the speed of 20-25 mt/l’.
This steaming three-stage is composed of three conveyors belts, horizontally placed one above the other, separately controlled by three motors, in order to ensure to each the required speed, the material passing from one to another carpet establishes the residence time and the steam required for the fixing of the printed tape.
Whit this system is obtained a considerable energy saving.
Output of steaming continuous was applied a three spool winder manual, remote controlled, in order to adjust both the speed and the size of the coils.
To the left of the machine are placed two kitchens colors for each group of printing, with a capacity of about 480liters, with its agitator which serves for the preparation of the color.
The color is sent by a pump to a smaller kitchen with its agitator this serves to feed printing unit, with a continuous recirculation of dye from printing to the same color kitchen.