Static Strainer

Static Strainer

Operation of this filter is perfectly simple: the water to be treated enters the delivery tank and pours evenly onto the filter element comprising special grids which may have different sizes according to the type of solids being separated.
When the liquid sewage to be treated is particularly dirty, the filter element can be agitated by means of an electric vibrator.
The tank containing the grill and the frame of the strainers are made of stainless steel 304 (upon request 316).
The principle advantages in choosing this solution are: low cost and maintenance and no cost in application.
Due to its higher efficiency with respect to circular strainers, this machine can be used in animal husbandry and stockbreeding, the food industry and food conservation, paper mills, civil, industrial and agricultural sewage and wastewater treatment plants, the fishing and meat industry, chemical industry, sugar mills, industrial laundry, refineries.

(consist of four main partsi)

  • FILTERING SURFACE composed of interchangeable grids in PVDF with resistance to temperatures between 160° and 35°
  • HOT STAINLESS STEEL delivery tank
  • ELECTIC VIBRATOR (on demand) for slurry very encrusting
  • FRAME for steel grilles


  • low initial investment
  • minimal maintenance
  • no running costs