Rotaring Drum Filter

Rotaring Drum Filter

The rotary self-cleaning filter is built in four version exclusively differentiate for the water deliveries which pass through them.
The entrance flange of waste water is the one to be connected the water delivery to be filtered, the water entering into the filter is immediately intercept by a diffuser with inclined elements which disperses it evenly in every direction inside the rotor of the filter.
This last one is driven by an adjustable speed motor which causes a rotation of it at constant speed; so the rotary motion moves the water and the impurities towards the outside of the rotor itself for the centrifugal force.
The rotating part is wrapped by a net which closes it on the lateral surface and it allows the passage of the sole water intercepting the solid parts.
The water filtered like that falls for gravity inside the collecting tank and goes outside the opposite flange; so the solids parts which remain inside the rotor are dragged outside the machine.
Moreover the machine is provided with a cleaning system of the filtering net which consists in a jet of clear water which is countercurrent to the waste water.
The cleaning system a jet of water with centripetal motion, that is from the periphery toward the center and from the outside of the net towards the inside, taking off the eventual impurities and bringing them again inside the motor in order to eject them through the propeller from the machine bottom.


  • structure and components made of stainless steel
  • ability to filter large flow, with overall dimensions of the filter
  • self-cleaning drum filter which allows to treat also sewage difficult to treat


  • support structure with central drum with filter cloth
  • motor for driving the drum
  • gatefold cover
  • washing unit with spray nozzles
  • internal channel of collection
  • level sensor
  • electrical control panel and control