Screw Filter

Screw Filter

This type of filter solve the problem of separation, transportation and simultaneously and compaction of solids from liquids.
The screen fields is made of a curve perforated sheet of AISI 304, and retains the solids presents in the liquid.
The solids collected on the screen field are wiped by a special brush fixed over the edge of the screw, on the filtering chamber.
A compaction chamber, compacts up to 50% of the volume of the screened material.
The screenings are discharged over the upper part of the unit through a discharging tube.


  • screening/lifting/compacting/ and washing of the screened material in one only equipment
  • high specific flows
  • equipment completely closed, able to avoid the diffusion of bad smells


  • supporting structure composed by: compartment filter- compartment transport – and compartment of compaction and unloading
  • wall stainless steel in filtering
  • cleaning brushes in plastic material
  • handing and transport of solid entrusted to the cochlea