Scraper Bridge

Peripheral Drive Scraper Bridge

The bridge is placed over a rising flow cylindrical sedimentation tank with an upturned cone shaped base.
Water and solids are delivered into a central distribution cylinder, the solid drop on the bottom of the tank, where scrapers placed on a beam anchored to the center of the sedimentation tank draw them from the sides towards middle of the cone, where they are extracted by a pump.
The separated water overflows on the peripheral side of the sedimentation tank.
Any residual are held back by a blade and are drawn off by a surface scraper into a collection and disposal tank.
The main use in the process of decantation, can enable the static separation of finely dispersed material, that is still easily separable.
It can be used after the organic phase to allow the separation of the sludge mixture-slurry; yet it is used in any chemical and physical treatments to separate reactive flocculated liquid from the treated liquid.
The water that is separated in the upper part of the settling tank overflows by a suitable profile, furthermore the bridge addition to the separation of heavy solids, also may be equipped for picking up the superficial substances, equipped with surface scraper which removes any not sedimented and floating substances, sending it into a picker and evacuation tray (scrum box).


  • girder made of stainless steel
  • main cylinder
  • walkway with tubular handrail
  • translation truck with cast iron wheels and rolling bearings
  • support frames bottom scrapers constituted by vertical tubulars supports
  • fund scrape suspended
  • collecting blade made of a steel blade with wear rubber and ending balance box
  • scrum box constituted by a foam collecting tank with inlet and outlet chutes, box and bottom evacuation pipe
  • electrical motor