Air Treatment

Air Purification – Smokes Removing

A special attention is from Lunardon referred to the problems concerning the atmospheric emission and to the uptake of pollutants in order to air purification; also in this field the Lunardon is able to propose the study, the planning and the implementation of the optimal process for the removing of the emission either of particles (filtering with cloths; eco filters and so on) or gaseous matters (assimilation in liquid with reactors; assimilation on activated carbons and so on).
The smokes removing involves the use of a liquid, water or fluid solution which may contain additive, for wet separation of dust, gas and steams from air.
The principle is based on convey the polluted air in a chamber within which contact is made between the contaminated air and a certain quantity of water, in this way occours a transfer of the pollutants from air to water.
Air is conveying through a vertical pipe, crossing body sprayed by waters jets, powered by a pump connected to the tank.
At the top of the columns is placed a droplet separator to eliminate the condensate dragged by the air flow, giving back the atmosphere the filtered air.
The fumes to be treated enter the scrubber from a nozzle at the float of the device.
The liquid is conveyed from the tank to the purification system through a hydraulic circuit.
At the end of the treatment, there is a drop separator between the washing section and the outside atmosphere.