Scraping Bridge

Scraping Bridge With Alternated Drive

Is a machine fit for polluted waters treatment for the appliances on a rectangular reinforced concrete tanks and allows the solids present in the water to settle in the bottom, forming sludge.
The object of this treatment is the purification of the waters coming from any kind of treatment so polluting that is possible to allow the direct drain.
The tank is continuously fed by the water flow which requires treatments.
Inside the tank, the sewage, to be treated, must remain a pre-established time and during the staying in the tank, the material in suspension falls and deposits itself in the bottom side.
The scraping bridge with alternated drive has the function to scrape the bottom and to amass the sludge inside the hopper which is placed at the end of the bridge running; the scraping is effected at regular intervals by means of special scrapers driven from a trolley which runs along the longest walls of the tank.
The run is very low and is divided in two stages: during the first stage with forward sense, the scrapers, which are in low position, clean the bottom side pushing the sludge towards the opposite side where the bottom side is specially designed for collecting the sludge; during the second stage with the backward movement, the surface scrapers are in low position so that they can collect all the floating and solid materials and to convey them upstairs in a scrum-box.
The clean water, free from solids, overflows on the top of the tank.