Central Scraper Bridge

Central Drive Scraper Bridge

The central drive scraper bridge is installed in circular shaped sedimentation.
The crane scraper can be located in downstream of the grit removal process, in order to retain more settleable solid and lighter the subsequent treatments; it can be used after the organic phase to allow the separation of the sludge mixture-slurry.
The crane scraper, inside the tank uses a bottom scraper to remove and send to the central part of the tank the sludge deposited by gravity, extracting the sludge using the pump.
The bottom scraper is connected by arms to the central shaft of rotation, this is driven by a motorized group of rotation place on the walkway.
The water that is separated in the upper part of the settling tank overflows by a suitable profile, furthermore the bridge scraper addition to the separation of heavy solids, also may be equipped for picking up the superficial substances.
Water that is separated in the upper part of the setting tank overflows by a suitable profile (Thompson).


  • steel box containing the gears in oil bath
  • sheet steel central
  • flanged girders to the central shaft, on which are mounted the scraper blades with combs rubber
  • central cylinder diffuser
  • gear motor