Oleodynamic Compactor

Oleodynamic Compactor

The oleodynamic compactor is used in the treatment of solids residues of screening and filtration in wastewater treatment plants civil and industrial.
The solid material with an high water content enters the hopper and goes down until it reaches the compression chamber.
Thanks to the hydraulic piston, material is compresses and at the same time transported towards the discharge.
The residual liquid, passing through the perforated screen of the pressure chamber, is collected in the tank.
Compactor is composed of a stainless steel pipe inside which flows the hydraulic piston.
The pressure of the hydraulic piston can be adjusted according to the type and quantity of material to be treated.


  • great resistance and pressing force due to the hydraulic system
  • ability to work completely submerged in water
  • excellent ability to dehydration and compaction
  • low maintenance required


  • compression box in stainless steel AISI 304
  • guide bar of piston made of bras
  • drainage collecting tank
  • conveyor pipe for compacted material in stainless AISI 304
  • hydraulic box (oil tub – oil filter – pump valve for automatic stroke inversion – manometer – motor)
  • oleodynamic piston controlled by hydraulic box