Gravity Strainer

Gravity Strainer

The gravity strainer is a filtering apparatus used to remove remaining suspended solids in solutions up to concentration of 1000pm.
The apparatus functions on the principle that liquids flow through the filter by gravity.
The system operates either under gravity or under pumped pressure that in any case must not have a higher prevalence the filter screens can be adapted to specific needs; normally however, the filter screens used has a mesh between 60 and 200 microns.
Full load capacity, function and characteristics of the mesh of the filter screens and capability to withhold the suspended solids.
This device has only one moving part: a three-arm rotating system equipped with nozzles (that can be powered by water recirculation).
The apparatus predisposes the washing of the filter screens with the support towards the center of the tank, where the drainage unit is positioned.
Among the advantages of this apparatus, we want to underline: the low cost in maintenance control with respect to the quantities treated, the resistance, the high efficiency and performance of the apparatus, and then, the simplicity of the system.


  • unique collection chamber for fibers
  • pressure switch
  • drive unit
  • top cover
  • motor
  • strainer screen
  • control panel for power supply and for adjusting the spray pipe’s speed
  • remote control on/off
  • rotating spray pipes with removable nozzles with large flow area
  • superior bottom-up spray cleaning technique
  • feed chamber
  • spray water inlet


  • stainless construction
  • continuous mechanical cleaning
  • wire mesh filter screen
  • washing nozzle to keep surface clean
  • easy maintenance