Engineering Partner

The Lunardon's Technical Office is composed froma a team of project engineers who constantly adapt themselves to the technical evolution on several sectors and they carry out their activities with the support of the most updated project systems.
All that allows to the technical team to project any kind of machinery "custom version" i.e. according to the special need of the customer and to do an activity of sole planning, receiving an order for the sole project from the customer and supplying the set of drawings, i.e. offering itself as an engineering partner for any need.

Customer Service

In order to provide the best after sale service towards the customer, Lunardon has at disposal a service of emergency maintenance as a guarantee for the operating and for the efficiency of the installed plants and, at same time, it can propose contracts of customized maintenance.
With this customized maintenance, it is agreed a lot of interventions per year, fixed date before, where all the parts will be checked and all the parts, found worn down, will be replaced.
In Lunardon's workshop, there is a store good furnished with spare parts, always available for just-in-time supply to the customers.