FF System

FF System

The purification process FF SYSTEM has been conceived in order to obtain a versatile, efficient and flexible system which is able to manage all the problems that are typically found in a biological purification system.

The system has the following process phases:

  • screening
  • FF treatment
  • filtration
  • sterilization

The peculiarity of this innovate biological purification process is that it embodies in a single device the primary sedimentation, oils and fats removal and biological purification operations, reducing significantly the plant complexity of the wastewater purification line and this increasing the economy of the process.
The different phases of the FF systems biological purification will be described below:

As a result of the previous treatment the wastewater purification line FF system achieves a high purity degree of the released water; the plant complexity is minimal, allowing an easy plant management and maintenance.
The energetic needs of the system are reduced thanks to the sedimentation into a single device.
The adoption of biological purification system with immobilized biomass leads to the minimization the number of microorganisms that are released from the system and therefore it also minimizes the requirements of recirculation sludge, especially compared with a traditional activated sludge treatment.
The positioning of the biological treatment section immediately after the flotation stage makes it possible to take advantage of the residual aeration following the oils and fats removal for the biomass aerobic processes, improving the treatment plant economy.
Finally the implementation of a UV sterilization treatment allows the achievement of elevated discharge water quality standards, excluding every possibility of bacterial pollution of the water body into which the effluent is discharged.